• Alex Jones

    Great tattoos from an even better person! You will not be disappointed with any selection you choose! Exceptional learning tool to help one visualize a muscle while having a blast. Highly recommend these for anyone interested in learning more about human anatomy!

  • Ashton Houbary

    The Anatomy Ink Motion temporary tattoos are an awesome learning tool! Being a very visual learner, they were especially helpful when learning the origin, insertions, and actions of certain muscles, by giving an accurate visual on a real person. They are super easy to apply and look very realistic! If you want to make learning anatomy a little more fun and interesting, I would definitely recommend using these tattoos. I am so excited to try more

  • Steven Spates

    As a physical therapy student, these tattoos provide an additional visual aid for understanding muscle origin and insertion points. They're incredibly easy to apply and enhance the study of anatomy, making it more engaging and interactive outside of traditional classroom settings! I highly recommend these tattoos.